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Old Montreal


I'm in Old Montreal now. This is very beautiful area. I love this place, so I've been coming here almost everyday since I came to Montreal. Here is my favorite picture of Old Montreal. Montreal_084.jpg
I'm going to discover a lot of place in Montreal.

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Now, I'm in Montreal. Day before yesterday, I arrived here. Yesterday, I walked around the city a little bit. I love Old Montreal!! It's really beautiful. I went to La basilique Notre-Dame de Montreal. Awesome!!! I'd love to visit again before going back to Japan. I'm going to upload some pictures I took. Montreal is a big city. There are a lot of shopping centres especially downtown Montreal. The difference between Montreal and Toronto is the formar is much cleaner!!! There is no garbage on streets and in Metros!!!!!! I love it!!! Anyways, I have to see a lot of things in Montreal.

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The awesome last day


Yesterday, I guraduated from my school. We took a test for 2 hours!!! It was really...exthousting. After that, we got deplomas of teaching English. We had wonderful time. From now on, we are starting our own different lifes, I hope they will do great jobs. Again,I'm really lucky because I've met a lot of intresting, outstand and well- experienced people. Everytime I'm encouraged to have a go by them. I really appreciate them.
To learn foreign language successfully, enjoying by communicating in the target language is very important. We can memorize the language with faburous memories. Sometimes, it could be embarasing memories, dengerous memories sweet and crazy, etc... During this 2 monthes, I got a lot of tireing and embarasing memories. That's one of reasons why I feel my english skill is much improved.

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I did it!

Just now, I finished final teaching at my school. Fortunately, all of my students were really nice to me so I could do my best, I think. Yesteday night, I was really nervous so I didn't want to stay up till midnight. I went to bed at 8:00....TOO early!! This morning, I woke up at 7:00...I slept around 11 hours. Am I a baby? That's okay, anyways I'm done!!! Tomorrow, I have the final test. It'll take 'two hours'. I'll d
go nuts.....
After finishing teaching, I went to my previous ESL school which is close to my present school. There were a lot of my friends, so I was busy to talk with them. I think students there are friendrier than students at my present school. My classmates are really nice, I really like them. People in other classes seem like less friedly. In addition, the previous school is much cleaner!!! So, I like to be there.
I've realized that many ESL teachers have another job. In my school, a lot of teachers are artists such as designers, singers and painters. I envy them because they can do what they want to do and they can earn money as ESL teachers. In my case, what I want to do is teaching English in foreign countries and traveling. If I were a native English speaker, this dream would be much easier to come true. Anyway, I have to try...
I have only 5 more days to move to Montreal. I'll start packing soon.

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Studying French

Today is Wednesday, so I have less than one week to stay Toronto. I'm so excited. In Montreal, I'm going to the YMCA French school for 4 weeks. My second major in university is French language, so living in Montreal is really good opportunity to study French. Actually, if I really want to study French, Quebec city is better but I couldn't find a rent in Quebec. One of my Canadian friends said Montreal is much smaller than Toronto but more lively than Toronto as well. I'm not sure if it's right. Anyways, I'll enjoy the difference.
Yesterday, I chated with my Saudi Arabian frind on the Facebook. He doesn't have good images of studying French because of his previous classmates. He had a couple of French friends, but they were not friendly. That why when I said I'm moving to Montreal, he seemed like...like....like....how can I say? not good????? I hope and I'm sure people in Montreal are different. I like him(a Saudi Arabian guy). He is really really really friendly and sometimes he speaks Japanese because he is really into Japanese comics. I'm sure he's going to be a outstanding person.

The YMCA language school has a lot of lauguage courses such as English, French, Spanish and so on. If you resist all-day course you can use sport facilities for free. I resistered the course, so I'll work out harder, maybe....

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