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It's already November. Time flies... Now I'm taking TESOL course at a ESL school. This is for studying to be a ESL teacher. This is really difficult for me because I'm still studying English but in this class I actually have to teach students. This week is the final so this Thurthday I'm having my class and teaching real studets. I'm going to teach them Present perfect and Present Perfect countinuous. I'll do my best anyways. I'm really lucky because my classmates are really good at speaking English. I can even learn from them. In addition, my teacher has a lot of skills to teach us. I really like his teaching style. At first, he seemed like really cold, calm and strict. He is actually strict but he has a lot of expericence and knowledge. Moreover, sometimes he is childish, that's so funny to me. This Friday is one of my classmate's birthday, so we are thinking of cerebraing him. I'm looking forward to having a party now. I can't wait anymore.

Yesterday, my boyfriend(we're not sure we're in the relationship or not, but anyhway.. close!) suddenly said he was not coming to Vancouver. We are supposed to meet up at Van in this December. The reason why he said like that was his automobile had been broken by somebody, so he have to fix it and he'll be broke. I was extremely shocked because we have been plannig for it since I came here( March!) At that time, I felt that it was redicuous, but it was not his fault so I had nothing to say. However, tihs morning, he said he is coming..... okay I got it. Now, I have mixed feeling, but I'm really looking forward to meeting him and visiting Van with him. He's been there for 4 years so he knows 'everything' about Van. I really miss Japanese food, so we're going to Japanese Isakaya there. Oh... 2 more monthes I gatta wait. I hope it's going to be soon.

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1 more week


Hello, I'm Yuka.
I'm a Japanese student who love to study language.
I've been in Toronto since this March, and studying English.

I have only one more week to stay here becouse I'm moving to Montreal on Nov 9th.
I'm studying French there.
I'm so much excited about moving to Montreal now.

Last year I lived in Kyoto.
I feel like Toronto is pretty much simmilar to Kyoto.
Every streets have own names.
Those are big cities but there is some nature.
Especially, people.....I can't say in English but, as a non-local person( I'm not from Kyoto), I feel like they have some common thoughts.

Sorry about my poor English skill...

The one thing I like Toronto is that there are a lot of kinds of people
so that I can easily pretend to be Torontanian!!( if I'm not speaking, anyways)

However, it's a multi-cultural city so there are a lot of people who can't speak English.
Therefore, if you are thinking of moving or studying in Toronto, you don't really need to worry about English skills, I guess.

At many places, you'll hear a lot of kinds of languages such as Korean, Japanese, Spanish, French and English etc.
Toronto is famous for international students and working holiday people
There are many ESL schools especially downtown.
You may be dessapointed with such situation, but sctusally you'll need to talk in native language some time.

Living in a foreign country is easy, but there are a lot of differences, stress and colture shocks.

But, I'm sure that this experience wil bring you some wonderful gifts.

I have three more monthes to stay in Canada.
I'll enjoy it.

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